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Street Fuel Pump (up to 300 HP)


The perfect pumps for high performance street use! For applications up to 400 Horsepower, these pumps are hard to beat. Geared for the street crowd, they feature the same quality components that are in all of our fuel pumps. They feature a continuous duty 2-1/2″ series motor with custom built armature, a C.N.C. machined, 6061-T6 billet aluminum body, twin heavy duty sealed ball bearings, and the proprietary 7 vane impeller found in all of our other pumps. A -6AN bypass fitting is included with the PE 4300 pump. These pumps are hard anodized in your choice of blue/gold, purple/gold or black/gold. We recommend using the Dual Electric Relay Harness PE 1050 with these pumps. NOT INTENDED FOR RACE USE.

270 gallons per hour 11-14 PSI (pre-set)
(Approx. 14 PSI max @ 12 Volts)
(Approx. 17 PSI max @ 16 Volts)
Internally bypassed
Alcohol compatible
Works with 12 or 16 volts
7 Vane impeller
-8AN boss o-ring inlet and outlet ports
Continuous duty
1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

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